Altered Realities

VR9 June, 2016 NewMR Webinar

This webinar event will address a wide range of approaches that utilise a different reality as part of market research, including: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Games and Gamification, Projective Techniques, Deprivation Studies and more.

The slides and recordings from this event can be accessed by clicking here.

Session 1, 
Chair: Sue York

  • Ray Poynter, NewMR – Using Altered Realities in Market Research – 101
  • Maya Middlemiss, Saros – Altered Realities: the Participant’s Perspective
  • Betty Adamou, Research Through Gaming – The Suspension of Disbelief in Research Games


Session 2, 10am New York, 3pm London
Chair: Ray Poynter

  • Dai Giet, MineMR – The Next Evolution of Concept Testing
  • Steve Needel, Advanced Simulations – 23 Years Of Virtual Reality – What Have We Learned?
  • Jason Brooks, LRW – 5 Lessons for Using VR4MR


Presentation Outline

Ray Poynter, NewMR
Using Altered Realities in Market Research – 101
Market research has a wide variety of tools that utilise altered realities, from projective techniques in qualitative research through to augmented reality. This presentation reviews the breadth of approaches available, the reasons they are used, and makes some predictions about where things might be going next.

Maya Middlemiss, Saros
Altered Realities: the Participant’s Perspective
Altering realities in research, whether that means engaging in a projective technique or wearing a VR headset to explore a new product, enables researchers to go more deeply than ever before into the minds and motivations of research participants. But what is this like to experience? We’ll share the participant’s story: from curiosity to confusion, novelty to (in some cases) nausea… As we hear from them what it’s like, to be part of innovative activities and procedures as research subjects.

Betty Adamou, Research Through Gaming
So much of our lives are spent floating in a sustained suspension of disbelief. We immerse ourselves in unreal, altered realities most of each day, where the majority of this time is dreaming by day or by night. Now the Market Research industry is catching on to the benefits of strategic and functional altered realities for data collection and insights.

Our ResearchGames have transported people to other worlds through the use of virtual environments, music and sound fx, story and game – all for the purpose of immersing playspondents™ in the research content and observing reactions in a way that’s truer than ever before. This new talk evidences fantastic participant engagement from a variety of case-studies to show how the altered realities of ResearchGames inspire and capture imagination like never before, and has benefitted brands in different ways.

Dai Giet, MineMR
The Next Evolution of Concept Testing
Today’s customer market is evolving faster than ever due to technological innovations. This requires brands and market researchers to adapt new approaches to understand customer feedback. Virtual Reality offers a simulated, hyper-realistic virtual environment for space and prototype testing. Dai Giet will walk you through how Virtual Reality can be leveraged as a research tool, its design capabilities, research applications, and functionalities that allow the collection of more actionable data compared to traditional research methods.

Steve Needel, Advanced Simulations
23 Years Of Virtual Reality – What Have We Learned?
Steve Needel shares the lessons he has learned from using Virtual Reality in market research for the last 23 years. Steve will discuss what works, what doesn’t work, and offer tips and advice.

Jason Brooks, LRW
5 Lessons for Using VR4MR
VR is poised to change the world and LRW’s vast experience with this platform can help you stay ahead of the curve by sharing 5 keys lessons for using VR4MR. Using a case study approach, Jason Brooks, Vice President of Marketing Science and VR Methods, will share with you a set of case studies to bring the lessons to life. There’s a lot of ways to “do” VR wrong, but we’ll put you on the track to doing it right.