The Secrets of Effective Presentations

Quite often when people talk about presentations they talk about the need to be engaging, amusing, and informative, or they talk about the need to use storytelling, visualisation, and performance skills. Whilst all of these have their place, for market researchers and insight professionals these factors only address the symptoms rather than the core need. Market researchers and insight professionals give presentations for a reason, and in most cases the reason is to debrief a project or to pitch for a project. These presentations are not for entertainment (even though they should seek to be entertaining), these presentations are not just a ritual (although there are some elements of a presentation that should almost always be there). These presentations are there to achieve a business purpose, they need to be effective. What is an effective presentation? I think there are three key outcomes that define an effective presentation: They should make the audience want to hear from you again. They should communicate the key points you want to make. They should result in action. Making the audience want to hear from you again This is where things like engaging, timely, visual, amusing all come into play. As a presenter you […]