What I learned from the ICG Question Time

London, 14 November, 2013, the ICG (the Independent Consultants Group), held their fourth Question Time event, where five leading lights of the MR industry are invited to answer questions posed by ICG members and the audience. I had the honour to be the chair of the session, and to ask the five luminaries the questions. The five panel members were (quoting their description on the ICG site): Ken Parker, AQR Chairman; founder – Discovery Research; sports research expert and football fanatic Becky Rowe, MD of ESRO; an award-winning researcher for NHS ethnography work Paul Edwards , Chief Strategy Officer, Hall & Partners; vastly experienced industry leader and ad planner Janet Kiddle, Founder: Steel Magnolia and long-time ICG member; ex MD of TRBI Mike Barnes, Consultant; ex Head of Research, RBS As ever the session was a social success with lots of networking and discussion, including a chance for me to hear about Dinko Svetopetic‚Äôs success in promoting Insight Communities in Poland via his company MRevolution. But, what I wanted to post here were my key takeaways from the session. Big Data is the topic of the moment. However, the general view is that Big Data is making relatively slow progress […]