Semiotics Poster Exhibition

Semiotic Poster ExhibitionWebinar 24 November 2020
10 am New York (3 pm London)

Poster Exhibition from 24 November 2020

Have you been reading Dr Rachel Lawes’ new book ‘Using Semiotics in Marketing’? Have you been tackling the exercises in the book? Are you keen to share your project?

Rachel and NewMR are hosting a Poster Exhibition. On 24 November, in a NewMR Webinar hosted by Ray Poynter, Dr Rachel Lawes will review, curate, and highlight interesting examples from the posters submitted.

Want to take part?

  1. First, complete your Semiotics Project.
  2. Create a Poster that describes your project and your findings.
  3. Submit your poster to by 23 October.
  4. Sign up to attend our webinar on 24 November, which will be the opening night for our online Exhibition.

The Exhibition will stay open and free after 24 November 2020.

Click here to register for the webinar opening of the Poster Exhibition.