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Finding the Story

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This Notes page relates to Finding the Story in the Data. We will add new material to this page as and when there is a demand and we will order the page by blending how frequently items are accessed and newness.

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How to construct an evidence-based customer insight story. Webinar recording & slides. David Smith shares his analytical approach to creating evidence-based stories, with a shout out for his upcoming book. December 2018.

What does storytelling really mean in a market research presentation?  Webinar recording & slides. Ray Poynter links behavioural economics and narrative structure to the task of finding and creating the story from the data. December 2018.

How to Use Comparisons to Understand Data. Blog post. Ray Poynter shows how creating comparisons can help you see the story in the data. October 2018.

The dog that didn’t bark – a great way to find insight in information. Blog post. Ray Poynter shows how looking for what is missing can often lead you to ientify the key story. May 2018.

Find and Communicate the Story – Part 2. Slides & Recordings of a 4-part Series. Ray Poynter shows how to find the story in qual and quant information. May-December 2017.

Find & Communicate the Story – Part 1. Slides & Recordings of a 6-part Series. Ray Poynter introduces Frameworks and shows how these can be used to help find the story in the data. February-November 2016.

Seeing What Others Don’t – the remarkable ways we gain insights, Book by Gary Klein with preview. This is a really good read and provides lots of examples of how to find insights and a framework based on five Cs – Connections, Coincidences, Curiosities, Contradictions, and Creative Desperation. This link will take you to a 22-page preview, so you can decide if you want to buy the whole book. First Published 2013.