My take on social media – Damian Vanderwolf

Guest post from Damian Vanderwolf, Senior Research Analyst, Marketing Communications, Tourism NT, Australia.

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I’m all about Facebook. For me, it’s the one that suits my attitude to social media the best. LinkedIn has been useful in the past when I have been looking for work otherwise I tend not to use it. I find Twitter useful and fun at events – either as an attendee or if I can’t make an event, checking in on the event hashtag to see what’s going on. Otherwise it’s all a bit to ‘businessy’ for my liking. It’s useful but it’s not my ‘go to’ medium.

I get all my news from Facebook – I rarely watch the TV news or read a newspaper – only the articles that my friends have already vetted for me. I have a relationship beyond social media with all my friends on Facebook so I have developed a level of implicit trust with the people I interact with there. I also think the interface suits my needs. No restrictions on words, I can preview links easily. From an MR perspective I have used Facebook to help engage current and potential clients in a fun ‘soft sell’ kind of way. And I connect up with MR peeps that I consider to be my friends there too. Helps me to build relationships further. I also get the odd ‘hot tip’ on Facebook from my MR friends.

At work I have used internal social networking sites (currently Bloomfire) and I like using these tools as well – for the same reasons I gravitate to Facebook – trust and common interests.

Instagram is fun too – a nice distraction – pretty pictures, yay!

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