Why isn’t there more Qual Research?

When we think about qual versus quant we see that about 85% of research dollars are spent on quant and 15% are spent on qual? In this post Ray Poynter looks at why that happens.

Iceberg Metaphor

Good technology is mostly unseen

Ray Poynter explains how the iceberg metaphor explains the relationship between new research technologies and end users of insight.

GRIT Report

GRIT on two pages – a short review of the 2020 GRIT Report

Posted by Ray Poynter, 19 July 2020 The full GRIT report is 166 pages, here’s my take on the key points. Context The data is mostly North America, with a chunk from Europe. From ESOMAR’s data, these 2 regions account for 80% of global MR spend Globally. The data is pre-COVID and very early COVID – so its predictive power is uncertain. Many research companies lack a clear mission Participants described the company they worked for in terms of different categories (e.g. Technology Provider, Full Service, etc). People from the same company often picked different categories – this needs addressing. Want to be famous, don’t just focus on clients GRIT lists the 15 ‘top of mind’ suppliers of ‘Strategic Consultancy. For clients the top three brands are McKinsey, Kantar and Ipsos. Interestingly most of the variation between Buyers and Suppliers is shared. If you want to be top of mind with buyers, you will be top of mind with suppliers – don’t waste effort focusing on just buyers – focus on being famous. Very few projects fail, so you need to try harder Buyers judge that fewer than 10% of projects do not meet the business needs, and 30% exceed […]