Much Ado About Nothing

What can the insights industry learn from ‘Much Ado About Nothing’?

Last week I saw an amazing production of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing at my local theatre (the Nottingham Playhouse). As well as being a great evening’s entertainment, it was also an object lesson in how to positively embrace DEI – diversity, equity and inclusion. I think this production contained useful pointers for my industry – the insights profession.

Podcast with Lisa Wilding-Brown

Lisa Wilding Brown talks about ESOMAR

Ray Poynter chats with InnovateMR CEO Lisa Wilding-Brown about here time on ESOMAR Council and about the upcoming elections. For those of you who are ESOMAR members the voting starts on Wednesday, October 12.

Ball rolling down a mountain

Factors and Premises Affecting Insights and Market Research over the Next Five Years

I am working on a new insights/MR scenario project with a time horizon of five years from now. One of the first steps in the scenario-creating process is to gather together the key factors and premises.

The Premises are things that are likely to be important and which, for the purposes of this project, we are going to assume will be predictable during the timespan of the project. The Factors are items which are also important, but where there are two or more plausible forms they might take during the timeframe we are considering.

Here is my current list of Factors and Premise

Seyi Adeoye

Seyi Adeoye – Radio #NewMR Podcast

Ray chats with Seyi Adeoye, the Chief Executive Officer of Pierrine Consulting – a tech-first Insight Consultancy with offices in Nigeria and Kenya. Seyi is also a candidate for election to the ESOMAR Council.

David Smith

David Smith – Radio #NewMR Podcast

Ray chats with David Smith about his recollections of dealing with inflationary times and recessions. David is one of these rare people today who has dealt with inflation before, given that we have not had to worry about inflation during the last forty years.

David is a Director of DVL Smith, a former Chairman of the UK Market Research Society and a former Vice President of ESOMAR.

Rosie Campbell

Rosie Campbell – Radio #NewMR Podcast

Rosie Campbell shares her memories and experiences of the inflationary 1970s and 80s – focusing on the world of the qualitative researcher.

The conversation between Ray and Rosie is designed to enable today’s researchers and leaders to learn from history, given that it is forty years since the West faced inflation.

Viki Cooke

Viki Cooke – Radio #NewM Podcast

Inflation is a major challenge facing managers and researchers around the world. Most of today’s leaders have zero experience of inflation as we have had low rates of inflation in the West for forty years.
This is your chance to learn from leaders in our industry who have been there before. In this second podcast in our inflation series, Viki Cooke, Co-founder and Chair of BritainThinks shares her recollections of the 70s and 80s, starting with her experience in the advertising world and then market research.

Simon Chadwick Inflation Podcast

Simon Chadwick – Radio #NewMR Podcast

In today’s podcast Ray Poynter chats with Simon Chadwick. Simon is Managing Partner of Cambiar Consulting, a change management consulting firm he founded in 2004. Prior to this, he was Global CEO of NOP World as well as of four research companies within Kantar in Europe and the U.S.

Simon’s experience of inflationary times includes his time with Research International, an agency owned by Unilver at the time, which went on to be a key part of Kantar. In the podcast Simon highlights ‘cost of living’ salary adjustments (at times twice a year), proposal to clients that said the price was good for two weeks, and contracts where the final price depended on the prevailing exchange rates.


What is the right sample size for a survey?

“What is the right sample size?”, this is a question I get asked quite often. In this article, I will address the question in the context of quantitative surveys. In a separate post, I will review the same question in the context of qualitative research.

The assumptions underpinning the question
This question, “What is the right sample size for a survey?” is based on two assumptions.

If the sample size is too small, the results will be unreliable.
If enough people are sampled, the right answer will be reliably found.

Priscilla McKinney

Radio NewMR – Priscilla McKinney

Ray Poynter chats with Priscilla McKinney, CEO of Little Bird Marketing. Ray and Priscilla look at what post-pandemic means in insights and research, the key challenges and opportunities facing us, and the rise of digital solutions. Priscilla McKinney, CEO of Little Bird Marketing, is a popular keynote speaker, prolific blogger, podcast host, industry innovator and diversity champion. Her two podcasts are Ponderings from the Perch and Digital Transformation Success.