Early Innovation Process

How to Fast-Track Early Innovation: Implementing AI into Concept Development Process

At your company, how much effort does it take to collect consumer intelligence before you can finally get to new product development? If this is an arduous process, you should think about the latest tools that could take a lot of the inefficiency (and stress) away. In this case study we’ll show how AI moderation can pave the way for concept development and jump-start the innovation process.

Searching with ChatGPT

Using ChatGPT as a better search engine

Over the last year, I have started using ChatGPT 4 to increase my productivity and efficiency, and I am keen to share some of what I have learned. In this post, I highlight why and how I use ChatGPT4 as a better way of searching for information. In future posts, I will highlight other ways I use ChatGPT to improve my productivity.


Predictions and Prescriptions for 2024

2024 will be an exciting ride for the world of insights and research. But before I jump into what I think will happen, let’s address the caveats. Pandemics, wars, economic crashes, political instability, and climate catastrophes could all derail the probable world. In this post, I set out my predictions for 2024 and my prescriptions for some good actions to take, assuming that no black swan events happen.

NewMR Report - Insight Health September 2023

The State of Insights – September 2023

NewMR produced the second wave of its study of optimism and pessimism in the insight and research ecosystem. Here are the top findings and a link to the full report.

Artificial Intelligence

An AI’s view of The State of Insights – September 2023

In September, NewMR conducted a study with research and insight professionals to understand the state of research and insights. We will be writing a report on this study next week and sharing the results, but this week we have been experimenting with the data. On Monday and Tuesday, I presented sneak peeks of the study, looking at what insight professionals thought were the main positives and the main negatives of the research industry. Today, I want to share a summary of the data generated 100% via AI using a tool called ResearchWiseAI.


What are the positives about research and insights?

Yesterday, I shared a word cloud showing a summary of the main things that were worrying research and insight professionals. To balance the picture, this post looks at what researchers and insight professionals see as the positives, answering the question, “What are the most positive things about the insights and research world in 2023?”

Word Cloud

What is worrying the world of Insights and Research?

In September, NewMR ran a study focusing on the research industry, looking at levels of optimism and pessimism, topics that were seen as positive and negative, and plans for the near future. This study will be analysed over the next week, and a report will be released shortly.

As a first step in conducting the analysis, I looked at a word cloud of the open-ended comments using NewMR’s Word Cloud Plus. The results are interesting and I thought I would share them as a teaser for the upcoming report.

NewMR Tips

Asking Demographic Questions – ChatGPT Tip #1

One way to use ChatGPT is to check your questionnaire design by asking ChatGPT to generate a questionnaire. In the example below, I have asked ChatGPT to show me the most important demographic questions to include in a

Landscape with pylon

Who writes the better short story, Ray or ChatGPT?

I wanted to check out ChatGPT4’s story writing. So, here is a quick experiment. First, I write a short story about a dystopian future based on AI and market research. Then, I asked ChatGPT4 to improve it. Below are both stories.