Book, Games and Gamification in Market Research

Book Review with Betty Adamou

Ray Poynter interviews author Betty Adamou about her book Games and Gamification in Market Research. Available as a downloadable podcast.

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How many new products should fail?

How many new products ‘should fail’ – Ray Poynter re-visits a post from 10 years ago and updates it. In the post Ray points out that irrespective of the systems being used, most products ‘should fail’.

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Why ‘Less is More’ is hard to achieve

Ray Poynter reports on research that shows why doing ‘less is more’ is so hard. In essence we are biased towards leaving the status quo and adding something – rather than actively looking to remove things.

Are you an imposter?

Are you an imposter?

Guest blog by InnovateMR’s Brittany Nicols looking at new research into the prevalence of imposter syndrome.

World cloud of social chat about the Festival of #NewMR

The social conversation about the Festival of #NewMR

Our friends at NorthStar Social Media Intelligence have created a live dashboard in Talkwalker showing the social conversation discussing our Festival of #NewMR!

NorthStar’s work will be mentioned as part of Katrina Noelle from Know Research’s presentation on Thursday, April 15th during the Americas portion of the Festival.