Ray Teaching in Japan

Improving Insight Skills, Status, and Impact

I have just finished an extended visit to Japan where I was lucky enough to be involved in a wide range of projects aimed at energising and advancing insight and market research. I am looking forward to sharing the benefits acquired from this trip with colleagues in North America and globally. The approach in Japan was to provide an integrated collection of courses and materials to help move the insight profession forward, rather than just focusing on individual topics. The sorts of projects I was involved in included: Running training workshops with Shiggy Kishikawa’s JMRX organisation on topics as varied as: What is hot in market research Big data and advanced analytics Trends in presenting From data to storytelling Presenting with Tomoko Yoshida at the ESOMAR Best of Japan event on why and how Japanese researchers could create a bigger impact. Teaching a semester on market research at one of the local universities, using the ESOMAR book ‘Answers to Contemporary Market Research Questions’ as the course text. Session with clients and supplier agencies looking at analysis, storytelling, mobile research, and the process of taking global market research trends and applying them to specific countries, verticals and situations. The big lesson […]