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Carbon offsetGuest post, from, 11 November 2019.

Editors note: When we heard about NewMR sponsor’s carbon offsetting scheme we invited then to write a blog, here is their description of what they are doing.

News headlines worldwide are highlighting the devastating effects climate change is having on Earth – with global carbon emissions at an all-time high, and reports that the past four years have been our hottest on record. With visuals of melting glaciers, dying coral reefs, and impenetrable air pollution being broadcast regularly, we can no longer afford to ignore the negative impact these emissions are having on our planet. However, the UN recently announced that through affordable and scalable solutions we can help to repair and potentially reverse some of the long-lasting effects that climate change is causing. By taking realistic steps, a growing number of individuals and organisations are beginning to do their bit to lessen our carbon footprint.

The business advantage of going green
By investing in greener practices and innovative ways to reduce the negative environmental impact of their operations, businesses are doing themselves a great service towards broadening their current customer base and retaining loyalty. Modern-day consumers not only possess a growing awareness of environmental issues but are also taking an invested stance against it, with the underlying belief that humans can make a difference on an individual level through choices and actions.

Pairing social media with green initiatives poses a major opportunity for organisations to further demonstrate how they’re acting and operating to reflect customers’ eco-friendly values and to do on a more personalised level. Considering the widespread acknowledgement that consumers’ purchasing decisions are strongly guided by factors such as a brand’s environmental image, this is a great opportunity for corporate brand personalities to connect directly with their customers at the touch of a button.

Many large organisations are taking the lead with positive environmental action, with ventures into the carbon offsets market proving a relatively easy and effective way to tackle carbon emissions, especially when compared to some other climate change mitigation programmes.

Carbon offsets in action

  • General Motors, Barclays, and P&G have voluntarily purchased millions of tons in carbon offsets and several other major brands are also buying significant amounts to do their part.
  • Lyft recently announced that they will render their service carbon neutral by offsetting the almost one million rides they facilitate daily.
  • On top of being neutral since 2015, Goldman Sachs has since bought into two carbon offsetting companies.
  • In October 2019, proudly announced that for every purchase of our automated service, we’ll purchase carbon offsets to show our support towards a greener future.

How we can help
With our new carbon offsetting programme in place, aims to make it easier for our customers to include greener practices in their value chains – a convenient and cost-effective alternative which many organisations are opting in to.


  • Contribute to carbon emission reduction: Using’s services automatically results in the purchase of carbon offsets which are helping to counteract the impact of emissions on the environment and foster a greener future
  • No additional cost to your organisation: When you purchase our automated tools, we’ll make a complimentary purchase from one of our carbon offset partners on your behalf – you’ll receive a confirmation like this (link to receipt)
  • Be seen as green: With the offsetting purchase complete, you can now proudly announce to your customers that you’re contributing to an eco-friendly cause and doing your part for the environment

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