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Subscribe 2This post is an online version of the NewMR mailing from w/c 26 April – plus some extra nuggets.

This week our NewMR mailing is focusing on social media, including upcoming events and social media resources.

But first a couple of announcements:

  • The recording of Mark Earls’ webinar is available from our Play Again page, see
  • We have started a series of blog posts in conjunction with companies supporting NewMR and the first one “What’s special about MESH” is available at

Social Media

This week we are focusing on social media, covering a range of events and resources.

Upcoming Events

In terms of upcoming events, NewMR has three events focusing on social media:

  • Measuring Not Counting – Webinar, 15 May (11am London time), Fran Cassidy explains how to measure the ROI of social media campaigns, drawing on the #IPASOCIALWORKS case studies, looking at examples such as O2, IKEA, Philippines Tourist Board, and the New Zealand bank ASB. Fran will also cover the recently published Guide to evaluating social media campaigns – produced by a joint group that included advertisers, marketers, researchers, Facebook, and Twitter. Click here to register
  • Social Media Research in 2015 – Webinar, 28 May (2pm Sydney time), Ray Poynter provides an update on how social media research is being used, how it is making the transition from new arrival to core technique, and how it is integrating with traditional fields such as brand tracking and new fields such as big data. Click here to register
  • Social Media Research – Collaborative Project. GreenBook and NewMR have teamed up to explore and highlight the benefits of social media research. Companies that have signed up so far include:
    • TNS
    • CultrDig
    • Mass Cognition
    • Bakamo Social
    • Connect 4 Marketing
    • MMR International
    • Interact RDT
    • Susan Bell Research
    • Affinio

If your company would like to join the project, check the project description at and email us to let us know you are in.


In this section is a collection of resources that you might find useful:

  • The Handbook of Online and Social Media Research – the leading textbook in the area of social media research, written by Ray Poynter
  • Conversations Matter More Than Numbers (Social Media Analytics) – Recording of a webinar by Preriit Souda from TNS
  • The Listen Lady – An illustration of social media research using story telling, by global thought leader Annie Pettit
  • #IPASocialWorks – A great collection of peer-reviewed evaluations of social media campaigns, blogs, and the Guide to Measuring not Counting
  • Lessons from Automating Social Media Monitoring – blog post from Jeffrey Henning
  • Conclusive Proof That Social Media Data Predict Sales…Now What? – blog post from Joel Rubinson
  • Social Networking Fact Sheet – a great collection of information from the Pew Research Center
  • The Digital Metrics Field Guide – Stephen Rappaport’s invaluable book tabulating the key metrics used to evaluate and manage social media
  • G2 Crowd Comparison of Social Media Monitoring Tools – the link takes you to some free and interesting information, but the full report costs money
  •  Meeting Participants on Their Own Turf – a recording of Maya Middlemiss’ presentation on recruiting qualitative participants via social media

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