Radio NewMR – Charlene Adamah

Published by Ray Poynter, 14 June 2022

Ray Poynter chats with Charlene Adamah a director and co-founder of CORe (Colour of Research). Ray and Charlene discuss why Colour of Research was needed, how it was created, its successes so far, and what still needs to be done.

Listen to the podcast via the player or via the link below.

Charlene is a Director and Co-Founder of Colour of Research (CORe) and a Director, Client Solutions at Schlesinger Group. Charlene has over 18 years in the research industry and is also an entrepreneur. She spends her 9-5 providing a top-notch service to her clients, her 5-9 bringing the joy of cake to others through her cake business. Charlene has always had a passion for advocating equality and diversity and starting up CORe has meant she can put this into action.