Ray Poynter’s presentation at JMRA Annual Conference 2017

Ray Poynter on stageThis week, Ray Poynter was the opening keynote speaker at the JMRA (Japanese Market Research Association) Annual Conference in Tokyo. Ray’s topic was ‘Where next, and how do we get there?’

The four final points, the big picture, that Ray left the audience with were:

  1. Traditional Research is yesterday
    • New methods are the future
  2. A dichotomy is emerging
    • Data / DIY / Automation / AI
    • Consultancy and Storytelling
  3. The tide of change is mostly English
  4. The key priorities for clients are usually in the following order:
    • Speed
    • Cost
    • Agile
    • Quality

If you would like to download a copy of Ray’s presentation click here.