What are the key international research questions?

In 2013, ESOMAR published Answers to Contemporary Market Research Questions. A book which seeks to answer the questions that somebody new to a topic would often like to ask, but may be too embarrassed to ask. The book can be purchased from the ESOMAR website here. In 2014, new chapters are being added to the book, and one of the new chapters will be international market research. At this stage we are identifying the ten (approximately ten) questions that the chapter should answer. Below are our initial thoughts. What is meant by international research? Can the same questionnaire be used in every country? Can I use the same data collection method in every country? Can I use English in every country if there are ‘enough’ English speakers? How is multi-country research commissioned and organised? How is international qualitative research conducted? Does market research cost the same in each country? What are the differences in laws and ethics around the world? What are the key challenges in analysing international data? ? We would welcome your suggestions, for changes, additions, or deletions? We are also consulting on questions for a chapter on mobile market research, you can see the current suggestions here.