How to prioritise – the four Ds

Over the Christmas/New Year break I have been busy thinking about my plans for 2016. As usual, there are way too many things I’d like to include, so I will need to prioritise. Thinking about how best to use my time, I started thinking about creating a 2-dimensional chart; Things I want to do and Things I need to do. However, as soon as I started populating my chart I realised I needed 2 more dimensions, relating to Money and my Overall Plan. So, I have now created a system that I call the 4Ds. HT to @1Sue3 for retrofitting names beginning with D to my dimensions. Desire Desire relates to things I enjoy doing. When there are too many things competing for too little time I have found in the past that I have under prioritised the fun things. No more! From now on (well from about two years ago actually), fun has a much heavier weighting in my planning prioritisation process. Duty There are some things you have to do. If you have a regular job you have to fulfil it. If you have taken on a contract you have to deliver. There are duties placed upon us […]