Notes for a non-researcher conducting qualitative research

In November I am presenting a paper to the ESOMAR Conference on Qualitative Research, in Valencia in Spain. My paper suggests that one threat to qualitative research is the potential for damage caused by people with no training in qualitative research using one of the many DIY tools that are appearing – especially those for online discussions and instant chats. My suggestion is to create a simple set of notes that will help put newcomers to our world on the right path. Below is my initial draft if of my notes, and I would really appreciate your feedback. The Playbook The playbook needs to be short, relevant, and easy to use if it is going to be of value to people looking to conduct their own research. Therefore, this initial draft covers the following topics: Evidence, not answers Creating a narrative Analysis begins at the start not the end of the project Creating a discussion guide Not everything that matters can be counted Data does not mean numbers Consider actors and agendas We are poor witnesses to our own motivations Memoing Enabling the participants whenever possible Grounding the story in the data Examples that inform, not ones that entertain The […]