What will Telepresence bring to Market Research?

Helen Thomson has a great article in New Scientist (you’ll need to register to read it) about how we already have the technology to attend an event via a robot. Thomson starts her article by talking about a 7 year old child who can’t attend school because of allergies and who attends via a robot, linking from his pc/video to the robots audio tools in the classroom, a phenomenon known as telepresence. Thomson talks about two leading brands of robots that are currently available on the market. The two brands are VGO and Anybots, which currently cost about $6000 and $10,000, respectively. Pricey, but not as expensive as flying somebody from London, to Sydney, to Hong Kong, Tokyo, to London, which is what happens to me sometimes. However, Thomson reports that this technology is about to get a lot cheaper. Double Robotics have announced a product for 2013 which will use an iPad for its head and cost about $2000. Thomson talks about a wide range of telepresence examples and issues; including: drones being used in the battlefield, surgeons operating on patients thousands of miles away, and even robots manipulated via signals detected through an fMRI scanner. My interest is […]