Opportunities and Threats faced by Market Research – Rosie Campbell

Posted by Rosie Campbell, Director at Campbell Keegan, UK. So, what I guess I’ve always marvelled at in the industry which happens to have chosen me, is its remorseless ability to shape-shift…to turn itself into an apparently newly-hewn, ready-buffed, more relevant version of itself. Market Research version 13.11. It’s a combination of survival instinct, business savvy ingenuity… and – yes, I do mean this – playfulness. When I first started as an idealistic and somewhat intellectually-vain quallie, I honestly thought I would know all there was to know about the human mind in a year or so (five at the outside…) But, pleasingly, the human mind has remained slippery to the last, and, more to the point it turns out that understanding how an individual ticks (for commercial exploitation) isn’t really the point anyway. Just when we thought we had methods for our goals, it dawned that the goals were flawed – or naive, or both… This has been the pattern down the years… A circular and evolving interplay between focusing on the goal, the method; new goal, new method; changed goal, changed method and so on… And it is but one version of the wonderful dexterity and agility of […]