Use October 2015 to become a Smarter Researcher

Last week at Vision Critical’s London Summit I presented the case that market researchers and insight professionals need to become Smarter Researchers, and we handed out copies of my new book on the topic (download it here). People seemed to be really happy with the evidence and the recommendations and many asked for a simple way to get started. So, here is my recommendation for October. October has five Tuesday’s, so I am suggesting 5 videos for you to watch, i.e. one a week. Ideally watch them at work, with colleagues. Afterwards discuss the main things you learned and how they might best be used by your team and your organisation. The five videos are: Hans Rosling: ‘The best stats you have ever seen’. This is a TED video (one of several Rosling has made). Look at the way he takes complex issues and complex data and makes the message simple and engaging through storytelling and graphics. Click for link Derek Silvers: ‘How to start a movement’. Another TED video and this one will have a major impact on how you think influence and influence marketing works. Click for link Ben Wellington: ‘How we found the worst place to park […]