The State of Insights – February 2024 – a Word Cloud approach

By Ray Poynter, 19 February, 2024

The third wave of the NewMR study looking at the state of insights has just closed its data collection and we have the view of 330 insight and research professionals from around the world.

In a few days, I will analyse the data and compare the results with the previous two waves. But first of all, I will try out two tools I have helped develop, Word Cloud Plus and ResearchWiseAI. Today it is the turn of Word Cloud Plus.

The word cloud below shows the answers to the question, “What are the most positive things about the insights and research world in 2024?”

Word Cloud Plus focuses on phrases more than single words, and I configured the cloud below to ignore words used in the question (e.g. positive, insight and research).

Word Cloud showing the things insight professionals are positive about

The main topic that was seen as positive was AI, coded in Green. Typical statements included “the capabilities offered by ai to save time”, “increased awareness of the ethical and validity limitations of ai”, and “there’s a lot of experimentation being done and things are changing with the advent of generative ai and all the opportunities it creates”.

It is also interesting to note that the second and third most mentioned topics are related to data/data quality and to people.

In terms of data/data quality, typical comments included “points of attention like data quality are getting the attention and solutions they need” and “new technologies creating more power from our data”.

In terms of people, typical comments included “companies and organizations value research done by smart people” and “our company is making changes to be ‘more people centric’ and i can see how my coworkers and leadership value insight and connections with real people”.

What next?
Word Clouds can only ever give you a first look at the information, but in doing so they can speed up the analysis process.

Next, I am going to allow ResearchWiseAI to do an automated first analysis of the new data and allow it to produce a summary. Following that, I will do my ‘human’ analysis. I expect my human analysis to be the best of the three looks at the data, but I also expect it to take longer.

Want to try Word Cloud Plus?
You can try Word Cloud Plus for free by visiting We’d love to hear your thoughts about it.