Two disruptive ideas for a disruptive conference

This year’s MRS conference looks to be the most unsettling for years. The conference includes a range of new topics, each talking about how the non-research world will impact the cosy world of market research. If you can make it to London on the 19th and 20th March, I’d recommend it – if not, watch out for the digital outpouring.

I am lucky enough to be involved in two sessions and my colleagues at Vision Critical are the sponsors of the hub. The two sessions, both with the potential to be disruptive, are:

  1. A workshop on the application of scenario planning, futuring, trendspotting, cool hunting. Which I will be co-presenting with my Vision Critical colleague Niamh Tallon.
  2. A panel discussion on crowdsourcing, with four practitioners from outside the world of market research. The session is intended to highlight where crowdsourcing is at in 2013, and why market researchers should be learning from it.

Read About The Crowdsourcing Panel
Not everybody can attend the MRS Conference, and even for those who do, there is never time for long introductions. So the downloadable documents below provide an initial briefing on crowdsourcing, and the four organisations who will be taking part in the panel discussion.

How Crowdsourcing is Changing Your World – a note on crowdsourcing and the panel who will be appearing at the MRS Conference.

IdeaBounty, who will be represented by, Conductor :: 42Engines, Heidi Schneigansz.

The People Who Share, who will be represented by Chief Sharer, Benita Matofska.

Transcribe Bentham, who will be represented by Dr Tim Causer., who will be represented by Managing Director, Phil Geraghty.

If you could ask a question to the panel, what would it be?