What can the Asia Pacific Region teach the MR world?

Hong KongI think some of the best thinking about new market research comes from the Asia Pacific region and I want to share five examples that are helping re-shape the way we envisage and do market research. All five examples will be presented at the upcoming, all virtual, online Festival of NewMR – sharing ideas from Japan, Australia, India and both mainland and Hong Kong China.

Shobha PrasadShobha Prasad, Drshti Strategic Research Services, India
The Fickle Mistress: Loyal consumers changing brands and the change-constancy conflict.
Shobha highlights the impact of brand renovation on loyal consumers, and the role of the Change-Constancy Conflict in the loyal consumer’s response to such changes. By analysing multiple cases over the last decade Shobha has determined the stages and allied emotions that the consumer goes through, and has assessed how this plays out across different categories and consumer types.
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Mike ShermanMike Sherman, Marketing, Customer Insight & CRM/Big Consumer Data Expert, Hong Kong
Big Consumer Data: the Promise, the Overpromise, the Opportunity
Mike tackles the main criticism of Big Data, that it is all talk and no action. By looking at Big Data successes and failures Mike diagnoses some of the key problems and makes a number of suggestions for increasing the usability of Big Data, including a consumer data mall and data translators. Mike also shows how market research can integrate with Big Data to add value to both MR and Big Data.
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Sarah BodenSarah Boden, UX Strategist with Qantas Loyalty, Australia
UX research and the positives and challenges of going digital
Sarah highlights the mutually beneficial relationship between the worlds of market research and UX design. Sarah has identified two specific MR processes that can be leveraged to assist UX design in the digital realm. Sarah reports on the positive impact that moving these MR approaches into the digital realm has on the quality, timing, and cost of the research – as well as highlighting the challenges it brings.
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Photo of Hollis ShiNavin WilliamsNavin Williams
and Hollis Shi, from MobileMeasure, China
Channeling the power of mobile messaging for consumer engagement
Messaging apps are the most used apps globally. In China over 700 million people are on WeChat (like WhatsApp – but much more powerful) and its dynamism has gone beyond messaging to in store purchasing of goods and services, engaging brands, etc. Brands are making WeChat marketing & CRM programs a priority to engage consumers. Navin and Shi are showing how WeChat can be used to build engaged mobile panels. The future is not about mobile surveys, it is more likely to about messaging.
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Akiko HoshiTomoko YoshidaTomoko Yoshida (freelance researcher) and Akiko Hoshi (Intage), Japan
Fell In Love At First Sight Or Started As A Friend? One hundred stories of how customers fell in love with a brand
Tomoko and Akiko ask an interesting question “Can an ancient method be as powerful as the most advanced ones?” Tomoko and Akiko’s answer is an emphatic YES! Tomoko and Akiko chose oral storytelling, based on “Recollection, Repetition, and Reflection”. The old spin on a new idea was employing a modified cognitive interview with a projective technique using Tarot cards.
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