What do NewMR people think about the leading MR countries?

GlobeIn order to understand more about what NewMR people think about the contribution to market research of the leading MR counties (which we have defined for this project as the ten with the largest MR spend, as reported by ESOMAR) we have created a short survey.

Please take the survey before reading further, by clicking here.

The survey asks which countries people would like to know more about, where they would like to see more speakers from, which countries produce the best research technology innovations, research thinking innovations, and best quality research.

You can see the results so far by clicking here (but it would be best to take the survey before looking at the results). The results will updated about once a day.

The main invitations to the survey are being sent on Tuesday 6 May and Wednesday 7 May, so it should be more interesting to look at the results after that. NewMR will be producing a report based on the responses later in May.

Remember, from a statistical point of view the results should, with any luck, be vaguely representative of the people who follow #NewMR. We do not recommend you make any mission critical decisions based on this project!

If you have looked at the results, and we have more than 100 completes now, you will notice that people seem to think that the leading countries in terms of innovation and quality are USA and UK. You will also have probably noted that we have more responses from those two countries. So, is there a connection. If you click on this link, you will see a set of results that excludes USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.