What is worrying the world of Insights and Research?

Published by Ray Poynter, published 2023

In September, NewMR ran a study focusing on the research industry, looking at levels of optimism and pessimism, topics that were seen as positive and negative, and plans for the near future. This study will be analysed over the next week, and a report will be released shortly.

As a first step in conducting the analysis, I looked at a word cloud of the open-ended comments using NewMR’s Word Cloud Plus. The results are interesting and I thought I would share them as a teaser for the upcoming report.

Word Cloud

The Word Cloud shows the results of 357 insight professionals from around the world. It illustrates that there are broadly four areas of concern.

  1. Data Quality – this is a major concern and has led to the creation of the Global Data Quality initiative, bringing together associations such as ESOMAR, MRS, Insights Association, and The Research Society.
  2. Client budgets – this is a perennial concern but it does seem to be more pronounced at the moment.
  3. The impact of AI – lots of people mention the potential downsides of AI, however, as you will see from the report when it is published, AI is also seen as the most positive thing happening in research and insights at the moment.
  4. Synthetic Data – this is a combination of concerns about AI and concerns about data quality under one roof. Over the next 12 months, I suspect that this will be the topic that generates the most debate in our industry.

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