Why you should take part in the GRIT Survey


Market researchers are really bad at taking surveys, first they mostly decline to click the link, and those that do complain that the survey is awful. However, there are some surveys that are so important you really need to take them, and the GRIT Survey is one of them (click here to start it now).

The Green Book Industry Trends report is not a scientifically valid measurement of the research industry. Even the ESOMAR studies fall a bit short of that goal. However, it is the best indication about what the leading edge is doing. The back data (this will be the 13th report) and the new data allow intelligent estimates to be made about what is hot, what has peaked, where people will be investing next in research.

However, to make this a valuable resource for you, we need you to take part in the survey. This year’s survey is much shorter and much less painful than any previous GRIT survey, indeed it is probably the most pleasant market research survey of market researchers around.

So, please take part, please share your views, and then let’s see if we can share some guidance on where the world of market research is going next and where we should all be investing our time and money.

You can take part in the survey by clicking here.

You can access the previous report by clicking here.

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