Main Stage 2010

This event took place between 6th and 10th December 2010.

You can download a copy of the programme here.

Recordings from this event are are now all freely available.

Click here to view released recordings

Best in Show EvaluationThe Winner of the Confirmit ‘Best in Show’ Evaluation was Diane Hessan.

Only five speakers had an average evaluation over 8.0, these were:

1st Diane Hessan

2nd John Kearon

3rd Shobha Prasand, Jon Puleston, & Erica Ruyle

Video Competition

NIPO software sponsored our video competition, with a prize of $1000. People were asked to make and upload a video to make the case for market research, for example to support why somebody should want to work in the market research industry.

This competition was won by Ali Macleod with “Why Market Research”


The Handbook of Online and Social Media Research (written by Ray Poynter, published by Wiley) sponsored the Poster competition, with a prize of $1000. We were looking for posters to answer the
question “What is the next big idea in understanding consumer needs and wants?”.

This was won by Tanvi Gupta with “Choiceville – Conjoint Analysis in a new Avatar”

Research Liberation Front Challenge Results

The Results – Great winner and runner up

As a proponent of disruption and anti-old fashioned, the Research Liberation Front wanted to challenge the younger members of the research industry and separate the activists from the apathists.

Starting with a mysterious and provocative open invitation, the keenest researchers were asked to respond to a recruitment brief. Rather than request recruitment of traditional easy and hard to find respondents, we sent a brief which required entrants to use their imagination and ingenuity and have a bit of fun along the way.

We created a list of 10 descriptions including some very ‘unusual’ people and left it to individual entrants as to how they interpreted the brief.

Some of the more challenging descriptions included a celebrity who has not been into rehab and someone who has seen an alien or UFO. Barack Obama, African politicians and very wealthy philanthropists also featured.
With an open instruction on self-defining how best to provide evidence on actual ‘recruitment’ of the right respondents, the entrants were given just 24 hours to complete the task.

All entrants made great efforts to work on this herculean task but 2 in particular stood out for their entries.

In runner up spot, and deserving much praise and an honourable mention (and a runner up prize contributed by MESH Planning), Samantha Shellie demonstrated incredible effort in contacting 50% of the list including someone who sat in the US President’s seat at a burger joint in Washington. Her approach was
impressively thorough and her presentation impressed the judging panel with her comprehensive description and highly professional submission.

However, the winner won for her shameless name-dropping of her ‘celebrity who has NOT been in rehab’ friend, creative Photoshop work, finding someone that was 104 years of age and getting her birth certificate produced and scanned within 24 hours but most of all her intuition and humour. It is for these reasons, that the panel felt that we had found a creative and ingenious researcher most deserving of the Research Liberation Front’s prestigious award for Disrupting the Establishment and this is awarded with much gratitude and delight to……. (opens gold envelope)…. Katie Jones.

Monitoring the Buzz about NewMR

The final monitoring report, covering Tuesday and Wednesday, is now available for download here.

The first monitoring report, covering the period 30th September – 29th November 2010, is now available for download here

The second monitoring report, covering the last week – 29 November – 5 December, is now available for download here.

The third monitoring report, covering Monday and Tuesday, is now available for download here.

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The full list of affiliates, supporters and media partners is:

The Advisory Board for the 2010 event were:

  • Ray Poynter, (Organiser) The Future Place – UK
  • Betty Adamou, NEBU – UK
  • Eric Bell, MRGA – USA
  • Greg Coops, Asian Strategies – Singapore
  • Amber Coulter, The Research Agency – New Zealand
  • Alison Dexter, TNS – Vietnam
  • Zoe Dowling, Added Value – USA
  • Catherine Eddy, Nielsen – Indonesia
  • Dan Foreman, ActiveGroup – UK
  • Angela Gao, SSI – China
  • Jeffrey Henning, Vovici – USA
  • Brian Jacobs, BJ&A – UK
  • Andrew Jeavons, Mass Cognition – USA
  • Nigel Legg, Trevanian Legg – UK
  • Jasper Lim, Merlien Institute – Singapore
  • Leonard Murphy, GreenBook Marketing Research Directory – USA
  • Ton Otker, Loyaltypromoter – Netherlands
  • Annie Pettit, Conversition – Canada
  • Dan Rockwell, Lextant – USA
  • Pravin Shekar, Krea – India
  • Susan Sweet, Hall & Partners – USA
  • Sue York, The Future Place – Australia