Gaming and Market Research

What are the implications of Gaming
for Market Research?

20th January 2011 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Copies of the slides can be downloaded and recordings of the presentations can be viewed by accessing the links below.


  • Erica Ruyle – “Play for a High Score”
  • Stefania Gogna, Head For Brand- “Game On! A new way to get Insight”
  • Betty Adamou, Nebu- “Research Through Gaming…One day, Maybe”
  • Jon Puleston, GMI – “GameTheory – Turning online surveys into games”
  • Arthur Fletcher, Blauw Research – “Let’s all play the game”
  • Nigel Legg – “Identity, Trust, Reach & Reward: the Evans Finch Social Media Challenges”
  • Leonard Murphy, Brandscan 360 – “Mobile Social Games for Market Research”
  • Jeffrey Henning, Vovici –“Prediction Markets as Research Games”