Mobile Research – The great debate

Mobile research, great hope or false dawn?

A debate for the soul of the future of mobile research
July 7, 2011

Is mobile research, especially smartphone research, going to rescue market research and present us with a panoply of new options, or is it destined to be a niche player?

This debate pitted the optimists against the cautious (but you will have to decide which is which).

The panel will comprise:

  • Michael Alioto,  Vice President, Marketing Sciences, Gongos Research
  • Reg Baker, COO, Market Strategies International
  • Leonard Murphy, Editor-in-Chief, GreenBook Blog
  • Ray Poynter, author of the Handbook of Online & Social Media Research

To keep things orderly and fair, the debate was moderated by Roxana Strohmenger of Forrester Research.