Festival 2012

The 3rd Festival of NewMR

The Festival of NewMR is a virtual event, allowing people to join from anywhere in the world, accessing the sessions from their PC or even from their mobile devices.

The Main Stage (5 December)
On the Main Stage leading speakers from around the world shared their thoughts, ideas, and experiences. Speakers included John Kearon, Leslie Townsend, Mark Earls, Zoe Dowling, and Ray Poynter.

The Main Stage was divided into five time zones. Click here to visit the Main Stage.

Click here to watch the Main Stage recordings.

The Training Day (3 December)
Established research experts covered core research topics such as social media research and mobile research. There were two sessions, one scheduled for Asia/Australia and one for Europe/America. Click here to visit the Training Page.

Click here to watch the Training Day recordings.

What does it cost?
As much or as little as you like; including free! To make a contribution please go to our donation page.