Answers to market research questions


ESOMAR launched its new book virtually on May 22, 2013.

  • View the recording of the virtual book launch from 22 May, 2013 – the recording combines elements of all three sessions (APAC, Europe, America).
  • Download the FREE taster chapter by clicking here. As well as the B2B chapter, the download includes the contents page.
  • Contribute to the growth of the content of the book, join the LinkedIn group which has been set up to help co-create the new content, by clicking here.

Background to the book
A team of leading market researchers from around the world have come together with ESOMAR to provide market researchers, especially new researchers or researchers new to a topic, with a range of answers to everyday, but important, market research questions.

This book is not a classic text book, with step-by-step guides on how to do a variety of related tasks. Instead, the book addresses those questions where the new researcher might feel uncomfortable about asking, the everyday practicalities of market research, such as what is qualitative research?

The book is 20 Euros, including post and package. ESOMAR are also working with several companies to provide reduced prices for bulk orders – to get the book into as many hands as possible. If your company would like to place a bulk order, please contact ESOMAR.

The Project Team

Editors Curators Contributors
Sue York
Ray Poynter
Finn Raben
Ray Poynter
Sue York
Alison Dexter
Annie Pettit
Anouk Willems
Bernie Malinoff
Dirk Huisman
Finn Raben
Kathryn Korostoff
Katie O’Connor
Nasir Khan
Omar Mahmoud
Pete Cape
Phyllis Macfarlane
Pravin Shekar
Ray Poynter
Reg Baker
Stephen Paton
Sue Bell
Sue York
Suz Allen
Sven Arn
Tom Wilms