May and June Lecture Series


May 2014 Lecture Series

Listen to leading experts deliver 40-45 minute introductions to key NewMR topics, with plenty of time for Q&A afterwards.

Access the slides and recordings through our Play Again page.

As well as the May Lecture Series we have the April series, click here to see the April programme.


The Yin and Yang of Big Data
Simon Chadwick
, from Cambiar LLC.
8 May, 2014

In 2013, investors ploughed over $700 million of new capital into marketing-related Big Data analytics firms and platforms. When asked what topic is upper-most in their minds, CMOs cite Big Data. Similarly, Insight VPs and leaders throughout the marketing research and analytics industry are striving to understand how to integrate Big Data into their functions.

The subject of Big Data is not itself without controversy. Is it a real trend or merely a buzzword or fad? How do you define Big Data? And, is it true, as Kenn Cukier (Data Editor of The Economist) says, that causality is dead and that correlation is all you need? And, above all, what does this mean for market research as we have known it? And what does it mean for the talent that we will need to develop and employ in the future?

Drawing from Cambiar’s Future of Research 2013 study, the lecture will approach all of these topics. But it will also examine an area that is much less hyped and yet is no less important to CMOs, insights professionals and advertisers: the roles of emotion and empathy in marketing, the need to get close to the consumer and the part that research has to play in bringing this about.

We call this the “Yang to Big Data”.

The day in the life of a regional Insight Community Manager
Matt Meffan
, from Vision Critical.
9 May, 2014

A day in the life of a regional Insight Community Manager. With general demand for insight communities seemingly exploding globally, Asia’s appetite is emerging as one of the largest. This lecture will cover off not-only the skillset required to effectively run an insight community, but also some of the unique elements to consider when launching in markets as diverse as China, Indonesia, Japan. Operating out of Vision Critical’s Sydney office, with a North American head-office, and operations functions spread globally and across time zones, this day in the life is bound to be interesting…and bulk up your air miles.

Research Communications: Getting It Right
Lucy Davison
,from Keen as Mustard.
14 May, 2014

“This presentation explores the problems and issues that often arise when it comes to communicating research findings and draws inspiration from different practices to suggest ways in which these problems can be avoided.

Recipients of research communications are often left confused and uninspired. As a result, a lot of researchers’ work is wasted. In a fast moving and connected world, researchers need radically different approaches to communication. Our audience now expects to be entertained, information to be accessible and understanding to be intuitive. Lucy’s presentation gives insight from other industries such as journalism, and gives tips that researchers can implement to create communications that have high visibility and impact. Finally, it gives case study examples of how researchers have understood the principles of communication and used them well for clients.”

Mobile Research in Action
Sue York

16 May, 2014

“Where is mobile research being used? What is it delivering? What are the key lessons?”

Social Media- Conversations matter more than numbers
Preriit Souda
, from TNS Global.
20 May, 2014

Preriit will talk about case studies and projects in which he has utilized data from Facebook, Twitter and Blogs to understand conversations about brands and their products. Preriit will showcase studies where posts by brands on their public facebook page and corresponding interactions (comments, shares, likes etc.) are collected and then analyzed.
Apart from basic analytics (most commented, shared updates, engaging posts, time of posting etc.), we use network mapping to understand interactions of different fans with different posts. Often we also do clustering on posts (instead of fans) using complex clustering techniques (specifically designed for network maps) to understand diversity of preferences. Then we look into textual content of conversations between brand and its fans. Conversations on brand’s FB page are text mined using Natural language processing techniques and major themes/topics emerging out of these comments are studied. We create Themetic networks to understand linkages between different aspects of a brand & its products. Moving on, we also look into tonalities of conversations. Instead of giving a simple sentimentality score which is an oversimplification of tones, we show links of different products/aspect of product with different tones; hence giving a better view of opinions.

In addition to Facebook, he will give a peek into some of his recent work on twitter for measuring campaign effectiveness. Conversations around campaign are collected and then analyzed using network mapping and text mining to understand key influencers driving conversations, measure effectiveness of campaign message, use of spatial mapping to relate locations (shared and mined) with promotions and understanding media consumption using links shared.

Moving on, there have been countless articles and research papers suggesting that in today’s connected world, consumers don’t rely on advertisements solely. But they do trust independent blogs and reviews by fellow consumers. Often people browse through reviews on e-commerce websites before making purchase. We in market research often do a large number of studies trying to understand ads and relate it with product’s acceptance. But we don’t study word of mouth (product reviewing blogs, reviews and comments on e-commerce sites etc.) around that product with the same rigor. This case study shows how we collect data from blogs and e commerce sites and analyze their content using Natural language processing enabled complex text analytics. Such analysis adds a new stream of insight to better understand perceptions and unbiased views about product.

Access the slides and recordings for this event through our Play Again page.

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