Learn how to find the Story in the Data

Golden EggNewMR Webinar with Ray Poynter, Wednesday 9th December, 3pm UK time (Seattle 7am, New York 10am,Paris 4pm, )  How to find the message lurking in the data.

Why learn how to find the Story in the Data?
The secret to communicating insight is storytelling and there are a growing number of resources to help develop storytelling skills. However, before the story can be told it has to be found. This webinar (and a series of workshops we are involved in) teach how to find the story in the data.

This webinar includes:

  • How to frame the question
  • Evaluating different data streams
  • Using frameworks to systematise the finding of insight
  • Finding the big picture
  • Linking the business problem to the story

Webinar Presenter – Ray Poynter

Ray March 2014 BW SquareThe session will be delivered by Ray Poynter, one of the leading voices in the drive to update business and insight practices. Ray is an author, a content provider for online courses, a workshop provider, and widely respected consultant. His upcoming events include the No Nonsense Tour of the USA, being a keynote speaker in Ghent, Belgium, running training courses in London the the MRS, and chairing the Insight Innovation Exchange in Amsterdam.

You can connect with Ray on LinkedIn, or follow on Twitter via @RayPoynter.

Want a face-to-face workshop?
Finding the Story in the Data, 8 June, 2016, London, all day workshop offered by the MRS. Contact us to discuss in-person and online training sessions.