Growth Hacking with Kristin Luck

Kristin Luck

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Friday 13, March
Paris 4pm, London 3pm, New York 11am, Seattle 8am.

Learn the key elements of growth hacking from Kristin Luck, one of the industry’s most successful entrepreneurs. Building and tuning your marketing and lead generation engine isn’t an art. It’s about having the right strategy, systems and tools.

“Growth hacking” is a new term for most but a long held practice among the best marketers and product managers in Silicon Valley. With traditional media fading and the onslaught of mass customization & niching on the web, marketing as we’ve known it for the past 100 years is struggling. We are awash with mounds of data and marketing fatigue is at an all-time high. As marketing researchers we have notoriously struggled to effectively market our own businesses.

Whether you’re looking for a branding or marketing jumpstart, or a total growth hacking strategy, Kristin’s road-tested approach is about mastering the shift (or sometimes a pivot) from one stage of business growth to the next. When you know the mechanics behind building movement and tuning growth, you can master the shift.

This webinar will include an overview of growth hacking strategies that have been impactful in the market research industry and provide you with practical solutions you can easily implement to drive exponential growth in your own business.

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