Social Media Research in 2015

RayThursday, 28 May, 2015

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BookThe presentation from Ray Poynter (author of the Handbook of Online and Social Media Research and author of the #IPASOCIALWORKS guide to evaluating social media campaigns) covers the ways that social media is being used in and around the areas market research, insight, and customer intelligence.

Social Media Research is about ten years old and it is five years since the Handbook of Online and Social Media Research was published. This raises the questions such as: what’s new, what has changed, and where next for social media research?

ShortGuideThis webinar reports on how social media research is being used today. The review looks at social media’s successes, failures, and highlights the growth of what we might call Social Media Research 2.0 – a grown up, more practical, and more integrated version of social media research.

The webinar will last about 45 minutes and will be followed by a Q&A session. The session will be recorded, so it is worth registering even if you might not be able to catch the live session.

The live broadcast will be on Thursday 28 May, at 2pm Sydney time (which is noon in Singapore and Hong Kong, 1pm in Tokyo, and 4pm in Auckland).

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