What is MR Innovation?

lenny150x150Friday 5 June, Webinar with Lenny Murphy and Ray Poynter.

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The world is changing and consequently market research is changing two. The forces at play include changes in technology, changes in our understanding of how the brain works, and improved models of how markets work.

Whilst the push to update market research and to find, encourage, promote MR innovation is being undertaken by a wide range of people and organisations, the person most associated with this field is Lenny Murphy and the events most associated with it are the GRIT study and the IIeX events.

In this 45 minute webinar, Lenny Murphy and founder of NewMR Ray Poynter will review the key themes in MR innovation in 2015 and answer questions from the online audience.

Access the slides and recording via our Play Again Page

IIeXIIeX and Innovation
This webinar is being organised as part of the MR series of events. NewMR is a partner with GreenBook in organising this series, with Ray Poynter having chaired the APAC and Europe versions of the event. If you want to get the most from MR Innovation then the single best event is the Atlanta version of IIeX which is bigger in every way than any other comparable event, more speakers, more exhibitors, more clients, and more attendees.

NewMR is delighted to offer a 15% discount for anybody registering for IIeX, just use the code NEWMR15

To register for IIeX or to find out more, click HERE.