Find and Communicate the Story – Part 2

Ray Poynter

Lessons will be delivered by Ray Poynter.

Following the success of last year’s six-part series ‘Finding and Communicating the Story’ we are launching Part 2 – an on-going series of webinars with Ray Poynter on the topic of how to ‘Find and Communicate’ the story – click here to register for this new series.

This on-going series will build on the material in the first course (which is available online via our Play Again page) and will provide specific examples and practical advice on how to find and communicate the story. The webinars (and supporting notes) will show how to take information, find the key insights, and communicate them in ways most likely to result in action.

To follow this series, you only need to sign-up once, via GoToWebinar, note this will also sign up for the NewMR newsletter. The webinars will be broadcast at 10am New York time (which is 3pm in London).

In 2017 there will be four lessons, each about 40 minutes long. We anticipate that the series will be continued in 2018.

Golden Egg

The agenda for 2017 is:

  • How to see the meaning in numbers – 31 May
    Slides and recording available here.
  • How to communicate numerical information – 5 July
    Slides and recording available here.
  • Sense-making with open-ended text – 7 September
  • Think, Feel, Do – presentations that change behaviour – 9 November

Click here to register for the series.