How to Use Comparisons to Find & Tell Stories in the Data

How To ...Webinar: Wednesday 6 February 2019

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In this ‘How to’ webinar Ray Poynter looks at the way comparisons can be used to help you find and communicate the story in the data. Whenever we compare time periods or compare the views of different groups we are using comparisons. When a retailer explains that 40% of their revenue is generated during the 8 weeks around Christmas and New Year, they are highlighting the importance of these 8 weeks by making a comparison with the rest of the year.

Seesaw with red and green

A visual way to compare the red unit with the green units – showing the weight of red

In this webinar, Ray will show How To use comparisons in finding the story from data and How To use comparisons to communicate stories in ways that promote comprehension and retention.

This webinar is a part of a series of How To webinars, click here to see a list of other How To resources.

Photo of Ray PoynterThe ‘How To …’ series is delivered by Ray Poynter and links to his popular workshops on ‘How to Find and Communicate the Story in the Data’.