How to use Correlations to find Insights

How To ...Webinar Wednesday, 28 May 2019

This webinar has been broadcast, you can access the slides and recordings by clicking here.

Correlation is one of the most widely used statistical techniques in market research and insights and it is something which every researcher should be comfortable with. In this 30-minute ‘How To …’ Webinar Ray Poynter will cover:

  • What is correlation?
  • What is r-squared?
  • When and why should we use correlation?
  • How should we use correlation?
  • Potential problems with correlation
  • Alternatives to correlation

Ray PoynterAbout the presenter
Ray Poynter is a leading authority in market research and runs courses for organisations such as the MRS, ESOMAR, JMRA, and RANZ. In addition, Ray lectures at the Nottingham Trent University and is a content author for the analytics modules of the University of Georgia’s MRII market research courses. Ray is the author of The Handbook of Online and Social Media Research and The Handbook of Mobile Market Research.