The Who, What, Why and When of 2019’s Consumers

Sponsored Webinar

Jeff Tsui

Jeff Tsui, Managing Director Greater China

Thursday 28 February 2019

Live broadcast 5pm Hong Kong

Access the recording and slides by clicking here.

Speaker: Jeff Tsui, Managing Director Lightspeed Greater China

Moderator: Sue York, NewMR

In this session, Jeff will share information on The Who, What, Why and When of 2019’s Consumers. Jeff will explore ways we can better understand changing audiences today and in the future.
Key points

  • Look at online consumer behaviour data, who’s buying what and how, as well as looking at personality profiling and how we can build a richer understanding of audiences through this approach.
  • Discuss how to reach this audience and how to talk to them in an engaging way to achieve considered responses from real consumers.
  • Showcase ways to leverage new technology and data sources, including a tangible example of using Chatbots in research.

Jeff will speak for about 20-25 minutes and will then take questions from the online audience.