Inclusive Research – Making research accessible to people with disabilities


Webinar Thursday, 25 February 2021
You can access the slides and recordingsĀ by clicking here.

When designs are inclusive, everyone wins. Curb cutouts facilitate wheelchairs, baby strollers, and rolling suitcases. Smartphone interfaces that can be operated with one hand work for people with an amputated limb, a broken arm, or a heavy bag full of groceries.

What about the research informing these inclusive designs? The research we do to inform and test these designs should also be inclusive. How do we apply these same principles to UX research and how do we get our companies and teams on board?

In this session, Lauren Isaacson highlighted the foundational understanding of people with disabilities, discuss why we should make our research inclusive, and show how to best make our research accessible to people with disabilities. When we conduct research inclusively, everyone wins.

During the presentation, Lauren referred to a series of resources that she is happy to make available. You can access these resources by clicking here.

Lauren Isaacson, Curio Research

Lauren Isaacson

Lauren Isaacson is a market and user experience research consultant from Vancouver, British Columbia. She began her career doing research and brand strategy for digital ad agencies in Los Angeles, California, but left that world behind and gravitated towards a career in research after moving to Canada in 2009.

Curio Research

Curio Research is an independent market and user research consulting agency

Lauren Isaacson – Market & User Experience Research Consultant – Curio Research | LinkedIn

Over 15 years of broad experience in qualitative and quantitative market, UX, and customer experience research, marketing, and advertising. Extensive training and experience in both qualitative and quantitative research techniques & analysis. Known for persistence and drive to deliver results. Need help or expertise on your next research project?

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