Where Next for Insights and Research

Webinar – Wednesday 9 December

Live broadcast at 10 am New York, 3 pm London

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The last two years have been tumultuous. The pandemic, economic ups and downs, the rise of platforms, the adoption of agile approaches, democratised implementations, and vast amounts of mergers, acquisitions, and investments have transformed much of the insights and research world. So, what is next?

Join our illustrious panel as we finish 2021 by looking at where next for insights and research.

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Photo of Kristin Luck Profile picture of Stan Sthanunathan Photo of Melanie Courtright Tiffany Hays Headshot
Kristin Luck
Stan Sthanunathan Melanie Courtright
Insights Association
Tiffany Hayes


Ray Poynter The road less traveled - Robert Frost
Ray Poynter

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