Festival of #NewMR 2020

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Monday 16 March – Friday 20 March 2020

Call for Synopses
The call for suggestions for speaking at the Festival is open until Friday 29 November. Please read the notes at the bottom of this page on what we are looking for and how to apply to speak BEFORE sending us anything.

This year’s Festival will comprise the following Webinars:

  • HX, CX and UX Monday, 16 March, 11am New York (3pm London)
    All about these topics, e.g. case studies, methodology, thought pieces etc.
  • Analytics in Action Tuesday, 17 March, 11am New York (3pm London)
    What is new in analytics? Case studies? How to?
  • APAC in Focus Wednesday, 18 March midday Sydney (9am Singapore)
    We are looking for examples of outstanding practice or thinking from the region.
  • Clients’ Perspective Wednesday, 18 March 11am New York (3pm London)
    A panel discussion with clients, what do they want from suppliers, what are their issues, what are their key requests?
  • Campaign for Real Qual Thursday, 19 March 11am New York (3pm London)
    What does ‘Real Qual’ mean? Developments and case studies highlighting the unique contribution of qualitative research.
  • Futuring Friday – APAC Friday, 20 March midday Sydney (9am Singapore)
    A panel of guests will highlight key trends and predictions.
  • Futuring Friday – Atlantic Friday, 20 March 11am New York (3pm London)
    A panel of guests will highlight key trends and predictions.

What are we looking for?
There are essentially three options (unless you can suggest additional ones):
a) 15 to 20-minute presentations (followed by 5 mins Q&A)
b) 5-minute, one slide, opinion pieces (followed by 5 mins Q&A)
c) Being a panel member

How it Works – you need to read this bit
1) You email your proposal to us before the end of November.
2) We review the proposals in the first two weeks of December and select the programme (a combination of the best proposals and creating a balanced schedule). Successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified.
3) The successful people will be sent the schedule for submitting their bio/headshot, slides, attending a recording session (online), and broadcast timings.
4) Note we will create a recording (using Zoom) of your presentation. On the broadcast day we will (normally) broadcast the recording followed by live Q&A.
5) The magic word is Fairground.
6) Note ALL of the slides and the recording are made available via our website (which utilises SlideShare and YouTube), there are no exceptions. All presentations will include a Q&A session.

Submitting a Proposal to Speak
Here are the steps we ask you to follow in submitting a proposal

  1. Email your proposal to admin@newmr.org before the end of November.
  2. Use the magic word as the subject
  3. Tell us: your name, the name of anybody else who will be presenting, your country and your company
  4. Tell us: which session or sessions you are happy to speak at
  5. Tell us: the type of contribution (5 mins, 15-20 mins, panel member)
  6. Tells us the title of your presentation (if it is a presentation)
  7. In 100 words suggest words that could be used on our website to describe the presentation and help sell the idea.
    Or, if you are proposing that you be a panel member, suggest 50 words that describe why people might want to listen to you