Finding and Communicating the Story in the Data

Golden EggAn online course by Ray Poynter and NewMR

Most people agree that the key to communicating research insight is to use storytelling. Storytelling helps transform information into insight, and insight into impact. This six-part online course explains how to set about finding the story in the data, how to craft the story, and how to communicate it in the most effective way.

The course is a precursor to an upcoming book on how to find and communicate the story in the data which will be available early in 2017.

The course is being delivered as a series of six webinars, spread out over  ten months. You register once and will have access to the whole series by – clicking here. Each webinar will include about 50 minutes of material followed by Q&A.

The structure for the course (which is subject to variation as the year develops) is:

  • February 23, An Introduction to Finding and Communicating the Story in the Data
  • April 5, Working with Qualitative Information
  • May 24, Working with Quantitative Information
  • July 5, Working with multiple streams of data and big data
  • September 13, Utilising visualisation
  • November 8,Presenting the story

Ray PoynterCourse Leader: Ray Poynter

The course is being delivered by Ray Poynter, the author of The Handbook of Mobile Market Research and The Handbook of Online and Social Media Research, editor of ESOMAR’s book Answers to Contemporary Market Research Questions, a content provider for the University of Georgia’s online course Principles of Market Research, the founder of NewMR and Managing Director of UK-based training and strategy consultancy The Future Place.

Ray has spent the last 25 years at the interface of market research, technology, and innovation and is in constant demand as a speaker, workshop leader, trainer, consultant, writer, and facilitator.

Sign up now
The course starts February 23 and you can register for all of the sessions by clicking here. Note, all of the presentations will be uploaded to the NewMR Play Again page, as will the recordings of the sessions, so even if you miss one or more of the sessions you will be able to catch up.

What does it cost?
There is not set charge for the course. If you find it useful we’d like you to make a contribution (which you can do by clicking here). And, of course, when the book comes out, and assuming you have found the course useful, we’d like you to by a copy and recommend it.