NewMR Notes


NewMR Notes is a new service from NewMR, delivering the key things you might want to know about. On this page we list key topics, each one links to a key set of information and resources.

At the moment this services are in Beta and is freely available. At some point in the future we may gate it so only people signed up to our Patreon page (or some similar system) can fully utilise it. If you have questions or suggestions for this topic, click here to mail them to us.

The list below is our initial list for creating pages. If there is a hyperlink, then there is a draft page to visit. If there is no link then this page in waiting to be started.

  • Artificial Intelligence, including Machine Learning, Chatbots, neural nets, and natural language processing. We will probably end up creating some pages focused more tightly, for example, on Machine Learning or Chatbots.
  • Finding the Story in the Data, examples of how to find the story, what do we mean by story, tools for story finding.
  • Storytelling, what do we mean by storytelling, how to choose the right storytelling approach, examples of storytelling.
  • Visualisation, examples of visualisation, tools for visualisation, matching visualisation to specific needs,
  • Blockchain, what is blockchain, why all the fuss, is it all hype?
  • Chatbots, what are they, how are they being used, what is happening next?
  • Semiotics, what is semiotics, how is it used, what is quantitative semiotics
  • Client-side Insight Functions, what doe client-teams do, what are their hey key needs, how are things changing.