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Ray Poynter’s NTU Lecture
April  2019

Today’s online session, Wednesday 3 April, will be live from 9 am to 11 am.

Sorry for the problems with today’s virtual lesson and thank you to everybody who logged in via the alternative Zoom meeting.

If you have any questions about the videos or the Qualtrics task you can email me at Ray.Poynter@newmr.org – either today or later this week.

This page will remain available for the next few weeks, if you need to re-visit the videos for tips on how to do some of the Qualtrics tasks.

Welcome to this virtual lesson with Ray Poynter and NTU. The format is experimental, so we welcome any feedback. The flow of the lesson is.

  1. Take two short surveys, to get a sense of where the lesson is heading
  2. Watch the videos listed below
  3. Complete the practical task (creating your own survey, collecting data, and exporting it to Excel and/or SPSS)
  4. Log in to the online discussion about the lesson to ask questions and hear feedback from other students.

You will need a Qualtrics account, so please set one up, you can download information about how to create an account by clicking here.

Take these two surveys

Watch these videos

You can download a PDF copy of the “Introduction to the Lesson” PowerPoint deck by clicking here.

Practical Task
Using the Qualtrics account:

  1. Design your own survey – you can base it on one of mine
  2. Share the links with classmates to gather some data
  3. Check and review your data in Qualtrics
  4. Export the data to Excel or SPSS

Discussion and Q&A
Register for the Discussion and Q&A by clicking here. The Q&A session will be hosted on the Zoom video-conferencing platform.

Once you register you can join the session any time between 9am and 11am on Wednesday 3 April. Please watch the videos and do the practical task before the remote session.

If you have any questions or comments, email Ray.Poynter@NewMR.org

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