The NewMR Story: Interview with Ray and Sue

Click here to access the slides

Click here to access the slides


Broadcast Date
Thursday, 28 January 2021 9:30am London (10:30 Paris)

NewMR sprang into life with the Festival of NewMR, 8 December 2010. NewMR was co-founded by Sue York and Ray Poynter and has spent the last ten years blending the new with the best of the past.

Did you ever wonder why we formed NewMR? How we kept the momentum?

After 10 years of curating and producing online events, what do we think makes a great online presentation?

Betty Adamou

Moderator – Betty Adamou

And, where next for NewMR?

In December 2020 we invited back eight of the great presenters from 2010 to update us with their vision of what has changed and what has stayed the same, watch the recordings by clicking here.

But now, listen to the story in Ray and Sue’s own words as one of those faces from 2010, Betty Adamou, interviews Sue and Ray.