Supporting Insights & Research During the COVID-19 Crisis


Like everybody else, NewMR is keen in these difficult times to do what it can to help. In particular, we are keen to help people in the insights and research profession. So, we will be a) providing links to resources and services that people are making available and b) providing help ourselves.

How are Researchers, What Do they Need?

In order to be able to offer help, NewMR is keen to find out how insight and research professionals are, how they are coping, and what they need. We have conducted two Waves of a project, surveying over 2000 insight and research professionals from around the world.

Wave 1 was conducted between 29 March and 3 April. You can access the results by clicking here

Wave 2 was conducted between 25 April and 8 May. You can access the results by clicking here.

Video of Visualisation Analysis of Wave 1 Results
RANZ, the research association of New Zealand, have created a nice presentation of the Wave 1 results, utilising the Infotools platform to visualise the information, and to merge it with other data sources. The presentation focuses on New Zealand, but we think you will still find it interesting. You can access the recording of the RANZ presentation by clicking here.

Struggling Emotionally, Physically, Socially, Financially?
Are you struggling? The most important thing is to seek help. The sources of help vary by country, and because of the pandemic, the range of support options is being ramped up. Do not suffer alone. Below are some of the resources available in UK and Australia – where we are based. If you can email other suggestions, we will add them below. In addition, searching the internet will find other options.

  • Global: ESOMAR, this is ESOMAR’s specific Coronavirus support page.
  • Australia: AMSRS, this is AMSRS’s specific Coronavirus support page.
  • UK: Mental health – this is an NHS link for a large number of specialist helplines and service, HMR this is a UK Government website and links to the many schemes that are trying to help businesses and individuals.
  • UK: MRS this is the MRS’s specific Coronavirus support page.
  • USA: Insights Association, this is the link he Insights Association’s specific Coronavirus support page.
  • New Zealand: RANZ, a collection of useful resources collected by RANZ
  • Global: QRCA, this is the COVID-19 resources pages for QRCA who focus on qualitative research and qualitative research practitioners.

If you have resources that people will find useful, let us know and we will post a link to them here. However, we are only posting links that lead to free resources.