Inclusive Research – Making research accessible to people with disabilities

Click here to access the slides Click here to access the slides Extra Resources! In the presentation, Lauren referred to some extra resources. You can download these by clicking here.   Transcript of recording with Lauren Isaacson – generated automatically by HappyScribe which means it will be about 80% accurate – if you spot confusing errors, please email The timestamps are included to help you jump directly to a point of interest.   [00:00:09.950] – Lauren Isaacson Hello, I’m Lauren Isaacson, and I’m a market new research consultant from Vancouver, British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada. Now, I’ve known a lot of accessibility proponents in the community. I’ve been working in the works for a few years now. And the conversations I’ve been hearing from the U.S. design and the programming area, things they talk a lot about accessibility and what that means and how to achieve it and how important it is. But I never hear it coming from the research community or very rarely do I hear it coming from the research community.   [00:00:47.270] – Lauren Isaacson And I believe that needs to change. Now, before we begin, I just want to thank my […]