The Clients’ Perspective

There are no slides for this recording. There are no slides for this recording.   Transcript of recording with Pashmeena Hilal, Ray Poynter, and Kendra Speed – generated automatically by HappyScribe which means it will be about 80% accurate – if you spot confusing errors, please email The timestamps are included to help you jump directly to a point of interest.   [00:00:06.750] – Ray Poynter So hi, Kendra. Hi, Pashmeena.   [00:00:10.230] – Pashmeena Hilal Hello, how are you?   [00:00:11.670] – Ray Poynter Thank you so much for joining us. People find it invaluable to know what other clients think or if they’re on the supply side, what clients think and the perspectives, the challenges. So I think it’s going to be really useful for everybody. So maybe we start with an introduction into your roles. And Kendra, for those of us outside the USA. James Mark is not a massively famous name, too, is familiar. Sounds a little bit about the company and how Insight’s function within that and some of the problems that we probably have heard of him, but.   [00:00:48.570] – Kendra Speed Sure, Kendra Speed, I’m director of insights and integrated intelligence […]