Create a prediction market for your MR project in only 20 minutes

There are no companion slides for this presentation   Transcript of recording with Hubertus Hofkirchner – generated automatically by HappyScribe which means it will be about 80% accurate – if you spot confusing errors, please email The timestamps are included to help you jump directly to a point of interest.   [00:00:06.610] – Hubertus Hofkirchner Hi, everybody. So you’ve always wanted to use a prediction market for your market research project, but you weren’t sure how long it would take, what you need and how to actually do it. So today we’ll do one in 20 minutes. I’ll show you as a first step what you need to get going. Show you a typical concept test in the prediction market today. All you need for that is a stimulus of the intended product here. I’ve invented one.   [00:00:35.470] – Hubertus Hofkirchner It’s called Blockbuster and gives a couple of words about what it does. It helps against nasty viruses description a couple of reasons to believe a price. And if you have it, an image of the intended product, you also need a competitor. I’ve used the bar, which is very frequent in the United States, the kind […]